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In 2022 there are more electric scooters on the market than ever before. Deciding which one to buy can be a complicated choice, and who to buy it from is even more complicated.

We recommend purchasing your electric scooter from a supplier who can work directly with the manufacturer and also understands the after-sales support and service factors that come into play with nearly every type of Personal Electric Vehicle.

Some online markets like Amazon and eBay have cheap scooters for sale, but our customers have told us over and over that when they need support or parts, the seller or the manufacturer can be hard to track down.

These days, most electric scooters are being made in China, with a focus on the Jiangsu province and the city of Shenzhen. We have an office in Shenzhen and Chinese-speaking staff that enables us to negotiate and work directly with the guys who actually designed and made your scooter.

This gives us two huge advantages: We can find the hottest new designs and we can solve all types of issues rapidly.

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